2014 dates to be announced soon.

You are invited...

This is a Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday event for men ages 18 and above.   The content is based upon the work of John Eldredge and his book Wild at Heart.

The location is near Loudonville, OH. You’ll need to bring toiletries; a sleeping bag, pillow and towel; and gear to be able to enjoy and spend time in the outdoors.

What should you expect?
We recommend reading the book, it is a prerequisite for attending anyway and it will provide some insight into what might happen.  This is not a weekend filled with tips and techniques, you have enough resources for that. We also won’t guilt you into being a better man; what is the fruit of that? This is a weekend for you. We’ve led many men through small groups and events like this. All of them said no matter how we tried to explain what it was about, it just did not make sense until they actually experienced the journey.  There are many testimonies and many words and we will share this one as an encouragement for you.

Leaders — Thank you for your work, your heart, your wisdom, your courage, your honesty. I showed up not expecting much besides practical, useful teaching to ADD to my inventory of knowledge and armor. I didn’t think much about a personal encounter with God. He showed up and met me in a way & place like He never has before. Thanks guys, for opening & showing me the door.”  ~comments from a past participant

The recording below is a bit raw; some said it is hard to hear. Only listen if you are seriously curious. We look forward to seeing you.  We have a cap of the number of men who can attend – we are over 1/3 of the way there.  We are praying for you.